House rules

Event Rules

Welcome to the Karneval der Kulturen!

We celebrate TOGETHER! Everyone who is here must know that attention, consideration and respect for the needs of others are the top priority at the Carnival. Visitors, residents and the smooth running of the event must be protected!

We must therefore publicise a number of rules and prohibitions:

The following applies on the event site:

Entering the event site is at your own risk.

All persons entering the grounds must behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or, more than is unavoidable under the circumstances, hindered or inconvenienced.

All persons on the site must immediately comply with the instructions of the police, the fire brigade, the security and rescue services and the organiser's representatives.

The security and stewarding service employed by the organiser is entitled to examine persons to determine whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption or because they are carrying prohibited items. Persons who pose a security risk or refuse to consent to being searched may be turned back and prevented from entering the grounds.

All persons entering the grounds irrevocably consent to the use of their image and voice free of charge for photographs, live broadcasts, broadcasts and/or recordings of images and/or sound made by the organiser or its agents in connection with attendance at the event or for information purposes for all present and future media. As a result, no legal claims can be asserted in respect of one's own image and sound.

People whose clothing or statements indicate a racist, homophobic or radical attitude will not be admitted.

Anyone who wilfully or negligently fails to comply with these instructions will be removed from the event site immediately.

It is forbidden

To drive into the event area (also applies to scooters, bicycles and small electric vehicles etc.) or to park vehicles of any kind there without a parking permit issued by the organiser.

To restrict or impair traffic areas, footpaths, driveways and escape routes with unauthorised structures.

To make professional film, TV and sound recordings. (Exception: media representatives authorised by the organiser.)

Operate sound reproduction equipment unless an exemption agreement has been concluded with the organiser.

To enter areas that are not authorised for the general public (e.g. backstage areas etc.) without authorisation.

To sell goods of any kind, offer services, distribute printed matter or promotional gifts, conduct collections or perform artistic performances without the organiser's permission.

To organise demonstrations.

Light open fires, barbecue, ignite pyrotechnic objects or operate petrol or gas appliances.

To enter, climb or climb on monuments, trees, traffic lights, fences, walls, enclosures, barriers, lighting systems, camera platforms, masts of all kinds etc. as well as undergrowth and bushes.

To deposit waste.

It is also forbidden to take

bicycles and bulky objects such as ladders, stools, chairs, boxes, large bags, rucksacks, suitcases;

glass bottles, cups, jugs, cans or other objects made of fragile, splintering or particularly hard material;

alcoholic beverages of any kind;

gas spray cans, corrosive, flammable, colouring substances or containers with harmful or highly flammable substances;

fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic objects;

flags or banners (exception: flags distributed or authorised by the organiser);

mechanically operated noise instruments such as megaphones, gas fanfares;

animals (exception: guide dogs for the blind);

weapons of any kind and objects that can be used as weapons, cutting, stabbing or thrusting weapons or as projectiles;

laser pointers and "drones"

cameras (except for private purposes) or other sound or image recording devices.