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House rules


Welcome to the Karneval der Kulturen!

Event rules

To ensure that the event runs smoothly, to protect visitors and residents, the following must be observed at the event site:

Entering the event area is at your own risk.

All persons entering the premises must behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or, more than unavoidable, hindered or harassed by the circumstances.

All persons entering the premises must immediately comply with the orders of the police, the fire brigade, the order and rescue service and the staff of the organizer.

The security staff appointed by the Organizer is entitled to investigate individuals for posing a security risk due to alcohol or drug use or possession of prohibited items. Persons who present a security risk or refuse to consent to the search can be rejected and prevented from entering the site.

Film, TV and sound recordings are prohibited (except by the media representatives approved by the organizer).

All persons who enter the site, irrevocably and for all present and future appearing media, consent to the free use of their image and their voice for photographs, live broadcasts, transmissions and / or recordings of image and / or sound, by the organizer or its agents are created in connection with the visit to the event or for information purposes. The resulting legal claims to your own image and sound can not be asserted.

Anyone who willfully or negligently fails to comply with these instructions will be immediately directed from the event site.

It is forbidden:
- to drive the event area (also applies to bicycles, skateboards, inline skis, Segways, etc.) or there without park issued by the organizer park vehicles of all kinds.
- Narrowing or impairing traffic areas, walking, driving and rescue routes through unauthorized structures.
- to operate sound reproduction equipment, unless there is an exceptional contract with the organizer.
- enter, without access authorization, areas that are not open to the general public (for example, backstage areas, etc.).
- to sell goods of any kind, to offer services, to distribute printed matter or giveaways, to organize collections or to perform artistic performances without the permission of the Organizer.
- to demonstrate.
- To ignite open fire, to barbecue, to ignite pyrotechnic articles and to operate petrol or gas appliances.
- To enter, climb or climb monuments, trees, traffic lights, fences, walls, enclosures, barriers, lighting equipment, camera platforms, masts of all kinds, etc. as well as undergrowth and shrubs.
- deposit waste.

It is forbidden to bring:
- bicycles and bulky items such as ladders, stools, chairs, boxes, large bags, big rucksacks, trunks;
- glass bottles, cups, pitchers, cans or other objects made of fragile, splintering or especially hard material;
- alcoholic beverages of all kinds;
- gas spray cans, corrosive, flammable, coloring substances or vessels containing substances that impair health or are highly flammable;
- fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic articles;
- flags or banners (exception: flags distributed or approved by the organizer);
- mechanically operated noise instruments such. B. Megaphones, Gasdruckfanfaren;
- animals (exception: guide dogs);
- Weapons of any kind and objects that may be used as weapons, batons, blunt or stabbing weapons or projectiles;
- laser pointers;
- Cameras (except for private purposes) or other sound or image recording devices.