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Public safety


Public safety

How safe is the carnival?

Many people wonder if the Karneval der Kulturen is safe this year.

Of course, absolute security can not exist.

So that you can decide, if you visit the event, we would like to tell you, which measures we take. The security concept, which has already been the basis for events in recent years, includes i.a. The following points:

• traffic safety, that means separation from the traffic
• Crowd management in places with high visitor numbers
• Possibility of visitor information about announcement systems
• First Aid by Johanniter Unfallhilfe
• Mobile stations of the police

The use of fences to conduct visitor checks at the street party has been considered and discarded because it does not fundamentally enhance security while significantly changing the character of the event.

As organizers, we have decided to hold the carnival, because we are convinced that he achieves more for a peaceful coexistence than a rejection out of fear.

Under these conditions, we clearly state that each individual must make a decision for or against attending a large public event.

We'll be there!

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