Karneval der Kulturen – Sparks


Even if there is no Karneval der Kulturen in 2022, groups of the street parade will present themselves in a self-organized manner at various locations in the city. In this way, the work of the carnivalists, which often remains hidden from the wider public throughout the year, can create sparks this year - "here and there, or elsewhere" they create opportunities for exchange and encounters between different people with their luminosity. The carnival sparks will be spread throughout the year in different districts and remind Berlin that the actors of the Karneval der Kulturen are still here, still connected with the impulse to reflect the cultural diversity of this city and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

We will update the program regularly. For the detailed program please switch to the German site.

16 December Exylium - performance and concert
17 December StreetUniverCity e.V. 
18 December Calaca e.V. - theatre performance by children "Fiesta de Posada"