It's getting greener all the time!

An event with many visitors and actors is cause for great celebration, but it is also a burden on the environment. We are working on reducing this negative effect step by step and to produce the event as sustainably as possible. In concrete terms, this means that we manage the preparation and implementation in a way that  promotes the environment and natural resources, social relationships and economic conditions to put as little strain on them as possible.

As organisers, we therefore work according to the following principles:

- In the case of economically equivalent offers, we choose those sustainable producers and local suppliers to sustainably strengthen operating companies, the local economy, avoid long distance transport and anchor the event in the region.

- We try to give the concerns of residents and visitors space to be open for wishes and suggestions. The Karneval der Kulturen lives from participation.

- Together with our partner Kampen Rent and Event, we operate a resource-saving rinsing line on-site, where the returnable cups from the street parade and street fest are cleaned.

- Instead of the usual plastic battle, food is served on leaf plates from the socially committed Berlin-based company Leef. With the proceeds from the use of these palm leaf plates, money for the protection of the rainforest is generated by the visitors of the Karneval der Kulturen and transferred to the World Land Trust.- Only reusable crockery is used at the street parade and street fest.

- At the street fest, garbage has been separated for years. We continue to work on the acceptance of waste separation by the visitors and on waste avoidance.

- The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe cooperate with us to enable as many visitors as possible to travel by public transport. To help, more trains are put into use and for extended periods of time.

- We give companies and initiatives with a focus on sustainability the space to present themselves at the street fest. In the area "Shanti Town", visitors will find specific information and products ranging from certified organic coffee to bicycle power generators.

- We use 100% recycled paper for our print products.

- We were the initiator and organiser of the 1st European Conference for Sustainable Urban Street Festivals

In many fields that may appear to the aware observer to be 'unacknowledged' in terms of sustainability, structural limitations are the reason for this. There are still some challenges! We are working on them and are always open for suggestions.